[New report] Leveraging AI To Remix The Music Experience

Artificial intelligence has had a major impact on the music industry, democratizing the process of creating musical art and infinitely expanding the capabilities for a collaborative, connected and seamless creation process. At the same time, these technological advancements are opening the door for computers to demonstrate their own creative talents and increasing abilities to personalize music experiences according to users’ tastes and even their emotions. This research paper explores best-in-class examples of how music professionals and enthusiasts are leveraging artificial intelligence to enhance the experiences of both producing and listening to music. The brief provides insight and use cases of ways that companies are using artificial intelligence, combined with machine learning and voice recognition technology, to assist and augment musical talent in the creation process and deliver personalized listening recommendations tailored to consumers’ identities, locations and lifestyles. Published August 2018

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[New report] Improving The Employee Experience

This research paper highlights best-in-class examples of Employee Experience (EX) Design for companies focused on recruiting and retaining their workforce, across industries. In order to retain a strong workforce in an ultra-tight labor market, companies are designing and executing an experience that gives them a competitive advantage in recruitment and retention. From using technology to make the job application process more seamless to offering benefits and personal development opportunities traditionally reserved for corporate workers, companies are investing in their workers and involving them more deeply in their work. Published August 2018

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[New report] PSFK San Francisco / Oakland Retail Guide 2018

As a major hub of technology, San Francisco is home to many exciting innovations in multiple categories, and retail is no exception. Neighboring Oakland is enjoying a resurgence and an influx of investment, leading to a spate of new retail ventures as well. The progressive Bay Area offers an exciting array of tech-forward products and services, from robotic burger-making machines to interactive dressing rooms. PSFK’S San Francisco / Oakland Guide examines how retailers are incorporating technology and innovative practices in order to create memorable experiences for consumers. Published Aug 2018 #ai #beverage #customer-experience #food #guide #oakland #papers #premium #retail #san-francisco #shopping #store-design #store-experience #travel