[New report] Evolving Membership Ecosystems Through Paid Loyalty

Content has been devalued because consumers expect all online content to be free; therefore, publishers are struggling to generate revenue. In order to adapt to a new media landscape, they are attempting to reinvent their subscription models, enticing readers with value-added content and services. Consumers are looking to media and publishing platforms to provide their expertise and exclusive access to premium content and services that complement free offerings and offer additional value. To meet this demand, media and publishing platforms are innovating in the loyalty and services space and providing customers with elevated paid membership experiences. The following paid loyalty report provides a look at new ways that publishers are offering their readers exclusive access to original content, partner services, community platforms and beyond, to enhance the product or brand experience and create recurring revenue and engagement opportunities. Published December 2018 #community-2 #community-platforms #loyalty #loyalty-membership #media-2 #membership #membership-ecosystems #paid-loyalty #papers #premium #publishing #publishing-platforms